Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some projects to date

Since it would be ridiculously time consuming to attempt to describe all my previous work on Aeolus in any meaningful detail, I will simply provide an incomplete list of projects to date. I'll add a few pictures to make it real.

  • New prop shaft and repitched propeller from 16X12 to 16X10 to address the otherwise healthy diesel not coming up to full RPM.
  • New PSS dripless shaft seal to replace the old stuffing box.
  • All new batteries, including two Trojan deep cycle 115Ah house batteries and a Trojan starting battery. This project included all new ABYC battery cabling, proper tinned lugs, and the installation of 400amp fuses to protect the battery cabling.
All new mast wiring using big ABYC boat cable. Old stuff was nasty and cheap to start with. While mast was down, I replaced the anchor light, and removed all bolts on the mast and used lanocote on them. Found minor corrosion on all bolts. Tightened all mast steps.

  • All new standing rigging using Hi Mod fasteners on all bottom fittings and some swaged and some Hi Mod up top depending on the fit requirements. Many of the original fittings were undersized relative to the size of the acceptable clevis pin, resulting in point loading. Now, all pins fit their respective holes and everything is solid. Got the rigging from Rigging Only and assembled all the swageless myself, according to directions, which was super easy.
  • All through hull valves have been replaced. Most were nasty and completely inappropriate. Two bronze gate valves replaced. Two PLASTIC gate valves replaced and so on. All new valves are Marelon.
  • Removed and rebedded all cleats. Nothing had ever been removed since 1989 and had not been super well bedded even when new.
  • Removed and rebedded all shroud fittings. Forward lower shrouds have small but adequate backing plates.
  • New mainsail from North sails using 7.8 oz premium NorDac. Had existing genoa cut down from 150% to 135% and had a sunbrella UV cover installed.
  • All new running rigging and new halyards.
  • New DC sub panel to relieve load on existing panel. Upgraded wiring and connections throughout.
  • New wood heater pad on cabin top to replace old split one that leaked. Photo is of old pad. New one was fabricated from very high grade marine plywood and I glassed it all around and painted it a gleaming white. Inside, I packed insulation around the heater pipe to prevent radiated heat from splitting the wood as happened on one on a friend's boat.

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