Sunday, March 30, 2008

Replacing masthead sheaves

Since Aeolus is out of sailing shape until the new traveler is installed, I decided to go ahead and replace my masthead sheaves as I have long known they were grooved from the wire/rope halyards. I figured while up there again I would photograph everything for reference later. The masthead sheaves on my Gulf 32 are 2 3/4 OD, 3/8 pin, and 31/64 wide. Turns out these are hard to find. I found something close to them at but really dislike having stuff shipped across the country if I can buy it locally. Plus, they weren't exact matches.

I asked on the Brion Toss rigging forum called Spartalk and was reminded of a guy here in Washington who specializes in making custom sheaves. Looks like he does really nice work and he is getting them out to me on a one day turn around. His business is called Zephyr Works.

If I hadn't already replaced my halyards somewhat recently, I might switch to just rope halyards, but I'll leave that for a few years down the road. For now, Zephyr works is making my new sheaves with a wire/rope groove, which will work fine for plain rope if I switch to that in the future. The new sheaves are delrin with nice bronze sleaves for the cotter pin surface.

Update 4/3/08. My new sheaves did in fact come the very next day and I am thrilled. They are solid and much better than my old ones. The bronze sleave fits the clevis pin much better with sufficient but no extra slack. I installed them, yet another mast climbing, and when I installed the halyards they ran even smoother than before.

I now highly recommend Zephyrwerks for quick, quality and affordable work!

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