Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Note on plywood core rebedding

Just a note to say that all the books I read about rebedding hardware in cored fiberglass must assume the wood is balsa, because they always show using a bent nail to eat out the wood core to leave a doughnut of empty space that you fill with epoxy. Well, let me tell you, that on my Gulf 32 they used some high grade plywood as the wood core, and unless it is rotten, that stuff is as hard and solid as you would ever hope. There is no way you can chip it away with a bent nail, I've tried. I've even tried to eat it away with my Dremel tool but it's a pain and not very successful. It's just not worth trying. My solution has just been to drill the hole out big enough that when filled with epoxy, and redrilled at a smaller size for the bolt, a rim of hardened epoxy is left around the bolt to serve the purpose of preventing water intrusion into the wood.

Can't follow the books on this one!

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My said...

Thanks for this info - I have always wondered. O have read that a lot of times, but wondered how it would really work.
I like your method. It seems like the bent nail method would take forever. Our cabin top, sides and deck are grp over plywood.