Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gulf 32 "Merry Me" passes through to Alaska

It's great to see other Gulf 32's come through Friday Harbor and I had a real treat last week when "Merry Me" came through on her way to Alaska. Her owner, Bob, had just taken her on her maiden voyage under his command and made a stop here at San Juan Island to see his friends Debbie and Kimba. They had worked around each other up in Alaska.

She is an older Gulf, about an 82, and there were many differences between her and my 88. In her previous life she had actually spent some time in Friday Harbor as a charter boat, but is now on her way to the great north. Bob has his hands full with the usual projects one faces when you take ownership of a boat. Nobody seems to sell their boat at the peak of their maintenance schedules!

I'm jealous of his voyage north, and feel kindred he will do so in a Gulf 32. This marks the second Gulf 32 to pass through here on their way to Alaska this spring.

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