Friday, May 22, 2009

New hatch finished!

I'm happy to report that my new Lewmar Ocean 70 hatch is finally installed and done. Replacing the sliding bow hatch that came on the Gulf 32 was a necessary project due to its age and design. I liked many aspects of the sliding hatch, but it was not a great design for offshore use as the drains were easily overwhelmed.

Anyway, the new hatch is on and looks great. It is anchored securely and I used butyl rubber as the sealant. It passed a high intensity hose test at all the seams and edges. My epoxy job around the existing coaming did the trick and provided the necessary width to accomodate the slightly larger hatch. I need to touch up a little paint and clean up some old caulk and dirt from the old hatch, but otherwise she's complete.

Another thing off the list...

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