Friday, April 4, 2008

Final resolution of the temperature sender saga

On 3/15/08 I posted a story about my tribulations with getting both my temperature gauges to read properly. I am overwhelming happy to say that I have finally solved the problem and the answer was somewhat outside the box.

Where I left off in the previous post was that I was contacting Cook Engine in Portland, Oregon to return, yet again, the incorrect sender they sent and hope to have them send the proper one. Well, when I spoke with them the following Monday the lady told me that she would refund my money and then basically just wanted to get rid of me. No "let's solve this problem together" or "we'll get to the bottom of this". No, just go away please. I told her I had found one source online for the "proper" 1/4 sender and she said to just go with them. Being fed up with being sent the wrong stuff from Cook, I agreed, and ordered the sender online.

It came, I hooked it up to my multimeter and got it warm and guess what, it did not match the resistance needed for two stations!!!!!!!!!!! Just to be safe, I took it down to Aeolus and put it in and warmed her up and sure enough, it didn't work.

This is when no amount of Fuck, or Shit or Goddamn or any other colorful angry language begins to express the amount of frustration or despair one momentarily feels...

Being a persistent SOB though, I said, "OK, screw it, Teleflex makes a 3/8 dual station sender and I have two new Teleflex temperature gauges that are rated to work with their sender and so by god I'm going to go that route".

While down in Seattle I got the 3/8 NPT (very important it is NPT!) tap and the appropriate 37/64 drill bit and when I got home I drilled and tapped the old 1/4 hole for the new 3/8 sender I got from Fisheries Supply in Seattle. There is just enough clearance in the housing to safely accommodate the larger sender.

I took it down to Aeolus today, started her up, and unbelievable, both gauges came up to operating temperature. I'm so relieved it is indescribable.

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