Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Harken traveler installed!

I've finalized the installation of the new Harken Big Boat traveler and boy is she a beauty. Far more beefy than the old Lewmar unit she replaced and with better pulley ratios. I've attached some photos of the installation for those of you considering doing the same. My experience with sailnet ended up being positive, though it took them about 2 weeks longer to get it to me than they had said. You have to cut the traveler beam yourself to the specifications of your deck, and this was easy to do with a good hacksaw blade. Just have to make sure the cut is perpendicular the length of the beam. I've included a shot of the new backing plate and nuts. This installation took two 4" 5/16 hex bolts. The pilothouse is strongly reinforced here and I filled the old bolt holes with thickened epoxy before drilling the new holes. It is solid fiberglass in this area. Beneath the backing plate I added some thickened epoxy to make for a flatter mounting surface.

Amy and I really like the look of the red control line as it contrasts easily from the mainsheet and plays off the red and black color theme of the Harken.

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