Friday, April 4, 2008

Secondary fuel filter change and she's spotless!

I changed out my engine mounted secondary fuel filter today and brought it home to do a biopsy and see what was inside. It had 150 hours on it. I have a primary Racor 2 micron filter upstream, and so I thought not much should get through. Sure enough, that filter was spotless after 150 hours.

And, I have been running a high % biodiesel these past 150 hours and know that it has been cleaning out my old 70 gallon diesel tank. But none of that gunk made it past my Racor. I thought these pictures would be fun for some to see. The line on the filter element is from my hacksaw blade!


GordH said...

Hi Brian - I am thinking of buying a Gulf 32, I currently have a Cal2-27. I looked at one in Ganges last weekend. I see you are in Friday harbour, can I come over and visit you and your boat, and perhaps go for a sail? I am looking to spend under 40K.


Brian, Amy, Elliott and Owen said...

Hi Gordh,
Contact me at and we can talk.