Monday, December 22, 2008

Frozen Friday Harbor

As all residents of the NW can attest, it has been a bitter cold spell around these parts. Temperatures many nights around 12-15 and highs in the lower 20's. For the islands, that's pretty cold. No problems on Aeolus, as the electric cabin heater keeps the insides at about 45 and the water temp is a steady 48 or so, protecting everything below the water.

Winds have been pretty strong recently, with many boats at the marina banging around violently since their owners don't live here or check their lines and therefore...I recently bought some new double braid and spliced new dock lines. Boy I love splicing double braid, it is so fun and satisfying. Not to metion Way Way cheaper than buying pre-made dock lines. Here are a few shots of Friday Harbor from this week:


mrheenan said...

Nice story. I have my Gulf 32 up on the hard for a complete repower and refit in Portland Oregon. I also have a friend here who has one. If you care to communicate we are at

Brian, Amy, Elliott and Owen said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. We bought Aeolus in Portland from the Sailing Life and we sailed her a bit on the Columbia before moving up here. I had her worked on at Schooner Creek. I'm always glad to meet other G32 owners. Hope this site is useful to you in some way.