Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dri Dek cockpit flooring done

Just a quick post to say I have finished installing Dri Dek in the cockpit and am happy about it. Not too cheap, even from Defender, but the benefits in drier, cleaner feet should be worthwhile. Also think it will be good to protect the cockpit floor from the inevitable impacts of dropped things.

My primary concern had been that the tiles would slip around under my feet, but it turns out there is enough friction in the system and it touches enough edges that it doesn't happen. You'll see I didn't buy the edge pieces. Turns out on a Gulf the cockpit is perfect width for two tiles to cover all but the drain sides, which don't need it anyway. At the very back, behind the wheel, I cut the tiles to just fit up against most of the edges. Seems to lock it all into place quite well. Figure this should be fine until we head down the coast someday and get rolled over 80 or 90 and the whole thing flops around!

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Bob said...

Thanks for your phone call a few days ago. If you moor in Friday Harbor, you might know my good friends Kim Sundberg and Debby Clausen.
I bought Merry Me! She passed he survey with a good report. No rot under mast leak; appeared to just need caulking around mast and chainplates. Motor, tank, shaft, propeller are new; 40 hp Yanmar. Sails look like they will do okay for a few years.

I will be back in the Seattle area for a week of fix up before heading to Juneau.

I am thinking of installing a Dickinson Newport. What do you think? There is a repairable Webasto 32s on board, but we generally need a bit more heat in AK.

Dingy. I think 9 feet is about the max for davits. Again, your opinion would be appreciated. I would like the largest RIB that will fit.

Thanks in advance for welcome advice.

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