Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chasing old wires

One result of adding and removing various bits of equipment over the 21 year lifespan of Aeolus is that there had accumulated no small number of wires that went nowhere. Still bundled in their cable ties, they lay there inert like the useless things they are. More distressing is the potential that they could still connected to power somewhere. As part of my work today to reconnect my Autohelm ST 4000 wiring, I went ahead and chased all the cut wires I could find and remove them.

No joke, I fairly filled the cockpit with a tangle of old wires I pulled out and tossed through the companionway. Sure enough, some were cut at both ends and just left in their bundles, but a couple were still connected to the distribution panel! Truth be told, since some of the wire runs were over 10 feet it didn't take many wires to fill the cockpit, but still. For Pete's sake, how could this be after all the work I've done to update wiring? Just goes to show how many wires are on a modern boat and the near futility of tracking every single one from source to end.

Found were old wires from long removed depth sounders, VHF radios, even the vacuum tubing to a no longer used Racor vacuum gauge.

A satisfying bit of house cleaning, followed up by another 30 minutes spent putting lemon oil on the teak interior. More good winter work.

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