Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love Butyl rubber for sealing!

I must sing the praises of butyl rubber here. When I replaced my pilothouse windows the original ones had been sealed with butyl tape and when I removed it, it was like new after 20 years. After reading about butyl rubber various places, I came to see how amazing the stuff is for certain applications. I've used almost every sealant known to mankind at some time or another, and none of them earn my love as much as butyl rubber.

Everywhere it has been used on Aeolus remained bone dry after 20 years in the Northwest. The stuff does the job impeccably. It sealed the steering pedestal to the deck for pete's sake, which means it was exposed to water under pressure, and when I removed the pedestal recently, there had never been so much as a drop of water to ever make it under the butyl rubber.

For applications where sealing is the only needed, and not bonding, it wins for me hands down.

1. It's sticky enough to stick to surfaces and prevent water from passing.
2. It lasts forever, I mean forever, and does not need replacing every X years like polysulfide. I've removed a lot of 20 year old butyl rubber from Aeolus and the stuff is like brand new.
3. It goes on, and comes off, without mess. NO mess. Polysulfide stinks and is a major mess.
4. It stores indefinitely and unlike tubes of polysulfide or silicone or polyurethane, doesn't go bad.
5. Last and least, it is fun to play with!


thaikarl said...

where are you buying the stuff? what brand? from my reading, they aren't all the same stuff. with the plethora of information on the internet it sould be easy - but there's always they guys who say "the RV shop stuff is for RV's" or "the black window stuff isn't all butyl" etc etc etc thanks!

Lapworth Gladiator 24

About Aeolus said...

Hi Karl,
I have used the stuff I get from RV places or hardware stores and it all seems exactly the same and works equally well. Don't fall for the old line about boat stuff being different so we will charge you 50% more.

Good luck!