Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Jones, our home away from home

As hoped, we were able to take Aeolus away from the dock on Sunday. I did a furious boat clean up and by lunchtime we loaded some friends onto the boat and headed off to Jones on a warmish and sunnyish day.

This exact formula produces marvelous results every time: sail to Jones, dinghy to beach, play on beach, hike around Jones, return to beach, return to boat, sail home. Perfection every time.

It was not that warm by the thermometer, but with a small dose of sun on that south facing beach, it was very comfortable. The recent rains have reawakened all the smells and the grasses have all burst green again.

The motor ran and sounded fine and so my alignment must have passed the test. No funny vibrations or noises. I'm happy.

By the way, the reason Elliott has no pants is because the boys played in the water and we made them take off their wet pants before getting onto the boat. Never mind that the water is quite cold, the kids had a blast. 

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