Friday, January 13, 2012

Making new dock lines is so enjoyable!

Making new dock lines is one of my favorite boat hobbies. It is simple and satisfying to splice the eye into the line, and the lines are so smooth and supple before being roughened with use. I find I replace my dock lines about every two years or so. This sounds frequent to me, but by then, they are getting a bit worn on their jackets and I like making them so much I just do it.

I use 1/2" nylon dock lines for Aeolus, which seems to be the sweet spot between strength and elasticity. When I compare the cost of making lines with the cost of buying them pre-made, I am reminded of the many ways in which DIY saves immense cash. Especially when you buy your line material at LFS marine in Bellingham, WA. Great prices.

We are heading up to Aeolus for this MLK weekend and can't wait for more adventures. While there I will launch into the renovation of my entire anchor windlass mounting and chain management systems. A much anticipated project, and one that will fill a future post or two.

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