Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Start of major windlass project

I've begun a major effort to improve my windlass mount and operation. This has been prompted mainly by the fact that the chain pipe that leads the chain from the windlass down to the chain locker is undersized for the 3/8 BBB I've been using on Aeolus for many years now. As a result, the chain easily kinks and binds in the pvc pipe, which requires me to bang and fight to free it. This brings the whole operation to a grinding halt, often at the most inopportune times.
The Lofrans Tigres windlass unbolted and showing the top of the chainpipe and cable hole.

So in addition to upgrading the existing 1.5" PVC pipe with a 3" Schedule 80 PVC pipe, I am also adding a 1/4 aluminum backing plate under the windlass and on top of the deck to sandwich the deck above and below with backing plates and to protect the deck and pipe mouth from the abuse of chain banging on it's way down. I will also upgrade the way the cables are connected and do a better job of sealing them against moisture. Finally, I will properly drill out and epoxy seal the bolt holes and other deck penetrations.

So to start, it was all the joy of demolition baby! Here is a photo essay that tells the tale as well as could be told in words:
Deck with windlass removed

View of under decking showing backing plate and chain pipe going through bulkhead between Vberth and chain  locker             
The gaping hole after chain pipe removal
The old 1.5" pipe inside the new 3" schedule 80 pipe. Oh what a joy this will be!
View of new backing plate and how it will surround the chain pipe opening. The corners will be trimmed and all edges beveled smooth.

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