Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aeolus North!

The hours tick as Aeolus awaits yet another journey north. Does she know? Can she tell that she is about to slice through the most beautiful waters in North America? Does she tremble with anticipation like I do?

This journey north will be a relief in coming. No matter the timing of any delivery trip, they always come at a needed time. Muir said to shed the routines of our lives and escape to wilderness to cleanse our souls. Amen.

Who will I see? What creatures will I travel near? What wandering thoughts will occupy my mind? Which version of my many selves will inhabit the dominance of my consciousness?

Together we will journey. A trusty vessel and a salty captain. In these days of turmoil, like all past days, the journey will release me to the star capped limitless everywhere.

What more do I need from a three day trip than a voyage through the Salish Sea?

Fellow sailors, wish me well. Not for my physical safety, which is assured, but for the journey between my ears, which is far more hazardous territory. And I am not troubled, beyond my angst of existence and nature abused. The hazardous journey is the challenge of being present enough in the moment to realize the perfection of all things.

The perfection of all things. When traveling the Salish Sea.

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