Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To Jones! To Jones!

For a get away from our domestic decay we headed out to the wild waters up north, and when I asked my family which of our many favorite spots they wanted to return to they all spoke up with "To Jones!".

They had not been out on Aeolus since our summer trip in Desolation Sound, and as I am about to launch into a number of projects it would be our last trip for a few months. Over the years Jones Island has taken on a special significance, rather like a favorite blanket or pillow. We know it so well, and love it so much, it is a comforting place to have adventure!
Owen and our salty dog "Salty"!

It is about 3.5 hours at 6 knots from Anacortes to Jones Island, and we had to motor the whole way there and back as there was never more than a wisp of wind. People again stayed away by the millions as it is not July or August, but the days were warm and lovely, and we had Jones essentially to ourselves.

We stayed on the south side this time to gather more light, and enjoyed the weekend hiking around the west and east side trails and playing frisbee in the grassy fields. We even had luck catching a keeper Dungeness crab from right near Aeolus.
A perfect moment in time

The best thing about the whole trip was the time we had together as a family, as I have said countless times on this blog, it is truly remarkable how wonderful our family time is on the boat, and how common and mediocre it is here at home. We hike together, play games together, eat all meals together, and yet aren't tired of one another. The boys are always on better behavior for some reason. My guess is that it is simply a right way to live. Physically active, socially close, intellectually stimulating with all the nature and books aboard, and the knowledge you are doing something really cool.

A formula for happiness if I've ever seen one.

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